Monday, November 11, 2013


Further research into the beginning of SARS has led to interesting discoveries that it was actually discovered in the Philippines long time ago. It was then known by a simpler name, SAR or A-SAR. Just like SARS today, it spread very rapidly through face-to-face personal contacts.

ASAR - a carrier person who may infect others.

ASAR TALAGA - a person who is very contagious; very dangerous to approach; needs attention by healthy persons only

NANG-A-A-SAR - a person who is maliciously spreading the disease.

NAASAR - a person who is infected with the disease.

NAGKA-ASARAN - the process of transmitting the disease to others.

PANG-ASAR - Any medium of spreading the disease.

NAASAR TALAGA - A person in very serious condition; needs quarantine; could be fatal.

ASARAN NA - when a group or community is already infected.

NAPIKON - a victim of ASAR who is beyond recovery; should not be touched by anybody, not even friends or relatives.

Maida A.  

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