Monday, November 11, 2013

Misheard lyrics

-- "Sex Bond, Sex Bond, You're my Sex Bond"
-- "Baa Baa black sheep anywhere you go.."
-- i hope you clap your hands"
(pertaining to Simply Red's "Stars" where the last line of the chorus goes.."I hope you comprehend")
-- another Stars' "I hope you comprehend" booboo: "I hope you comb your hair, i hope, i hope you comb your hair"
-- ...."Ahas in the middle of the street, Ahas in the middle of the street...or Aroused in the middle of the street, aroused! "Our House,in the middle of the street."
--Speaking of radio interviews, here's one heard four years ago:
Girl: Can I request a song, please?
DJ: Sure! What will it be?
Girl: Waterworld
DJ: Waterworld?
Girl: Yes, the one sung by TLC. Don't go chasing waterworld...
-- DJ: Good Evenin' A*m**d!
GUY: Good Evenin, TA! pwedeng magrequest?
DJ: Sure, what can I play for 'ya?
GUY: yung song ng boyz ii men...
DJ: which one?
GUY: uhh.. yung "i'm down, abandon meeehh.."
-- bababaero, bababaero, bababaero daw ako, sinong maysabi, putulan ng labi....(bayolente naman nito!)
-- by alanis, ironic: isn't it ironic,twenty-six?????
--so kiss me, and style for me.." - Leaving on a jetplane ..
----- That's What Friends Are For ay naging "That's what friends of course!"
--eto grabe na to... The Greatest Love of All I decided long ago, never to walk with Edu Manzano, if I fail, if I'm sixteen...
--Ang disco song na "Freak out" ay naging "Aaaaa-frica!"
--Beauty and the beast theme song: "Tail as long as mine (tale as old as time) as can be (beauty and the beast)"
--Pocahontas song, "colors of the wind": have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon, or asked the grinning bobcat why he's green? (dapat"why he grinned")
heehee. yun lang... =D
pede ko din ba ito idagdag?! YUng "FUNCHUM" ni hesdee...
id rather have funchum with you....

Marian S.  

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