Wednesday, July 29, 2015


A guy walks in a store and buys a pack of condoms. Pays for it and as he leaves he starts to gigle and shakes his head.

He does this every day at the same time and leaves with sly smile on his face.

The manager of the store was starting to get irritated by his mischievous smile and the shaking of his head.

One day he tells his helper that if the same guy comes in and does the same thing, (buys condom; leave laughing shaking his head) that he follows him and report back to the manager.

Well, the guys comes in and as usual buys the condom and leave smiling. The manager tells the helper to follow him and when the helper came back the manager asked him where did the guy go?
The helper told him,"to your house\"!!!

Sent by Art Domingo

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